Fantasy: I’m Really Not A Supreme Master!
Chapter 1 - 1 Raise Real Dragons and Phoenixes in a small mountain village_1

Chapter 1 Raise Real Dragons and Phoenixes in a small mountain village_1

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Xuantian Realm.

Southern Territory, Fire Country.

Outside Liyang City, a remote little mountain village.

Li Fan walked out of his simple courtyard, holding a bowl of corn kernels in his hands. He called out a few times, and a flock of earth chickens ran out from the yard.

After scattering the corn kernels to feed the chickens, he went to the pond and threw bait to a school of golden carp, before heading to a nearby vegetable patch to weed and loosen the soil.

After a while, a fine sweat had formed on Li Fan’s face, and he sat down to rest under a peach tree.

Li Fan looked at the fruit on the peach tree and showed a contented smile.

Actually, Li Fan wasn’t a native of the Xuantian Realm.

He was a young man from the twenty-first century who had mysteriously transmigrated to this world.

In this world, cultivators were revered. It was said that there were countless powerful beings, even immortals!

As a transmigrator, Li Fan naturally yearned to cultivate. He once visited a sect in the Southern Territory, hoping to become a disciple, but after testing, he was found to be completely lacking in talent.

At the height of his despair, Li Fan accidentally awakened a system!

Just when he was overjoyed and ready to soar to the heavens with the system’s help, he realized that the system was utterly frustrating!

He needed to complete six hundred and sixty-six tasks before the system would open up an invincible path of cultivation for him, and at the completion of these tasks, he would become an invincible being.

These tasks set by the system over the past three years included, but were not limited to:

Raising chickens, capturing two wild mountain chickens and successfully domesticating them, breeding a flock of more than twenty.

Feeding fish, raising a batch of fry to adulthood.

Planting trees, sowing a peach pit, tending to it carefully, and waiting for the peach tree to bear fruit.

Digging wells, excavating a usable well by hand.

Gardening, creating a well-growing vegetable garden.

In short, there wasn’t a single task that a farmer would do that he had missed!

Of course, there were other tasks as well, such as the system forcing him to practice calligraphy for three months, drawing for three months…

The system also occasionally provided him with some basic necessities of life, like hoes, firewood axes, seeds, and some simple books, such as: “Postpartum Care for Sows,” “How to Get Chickens to Feed,” “Three Hundred and Four Ways to Split Firewood”…

Li Fan had become numb to it all over these past three years.

“System, the peach tree has borne fruit, what’s the next task?”

Li Fan asked, looking at the peaches on the tree.

“Helping others, assist Elder Zhao in chopping firewood.”

The system’s voice rang out.

The system often issued odd tasks, such as delivering some fruit to Auntie Wang or helping Uncle Li hoe the land… He had done this task before, too.

He slung the axe over his shoulder and took some rope to tie up the bundles of firewood before leaving.

No sooner had he left than the entire simple courtyard underwent a dramatic change. The Dao roared and dragon cries shook the heavens!

From the pond, dragon shadows surged to the sky, a host of glorious divine dragons vying for the bait that Li Fan had just scattered!

“You silly dragons of the Dragon Clan, keep it down! The master isn’t far away yet; do you want to die?”

The old hen pecking at the corn suddenly looked towards the pond!

In an instant, a rainbow light as magnificent as a cascading waterfall exploded behind the old hen, and an immense Phoenix Shadow covered the sky!

At the pond, the numerous dragon shadows instantly dissipated, restoring calm as a school of golden carp swam.

“Phoenix Matron, my Dragon Clan is not afraid of you!”

A majestic voice sounded faintly.

“The Phoenix Matron is saving you.”

At that moment, even the peach tree, which astonishingly began to speak in an extremely pleasant female voice, said, “I feel that the master is becoming more and more terrifying. He just sat beneath me for a while, and the Pan Peaches almost matured on the spot…”

For a time, everything in the courtyard fell silent.

When he went out, the villagers greeted Li Fan warmly.

This place was very secluded, and the villagers were simple folks. They were all grateful for Li Fan’s help over the days.

“Little Li, be careful out there today. When I came back from outside this morning, I saw some cultivators coming to our area!”

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Auntie Wang advised with concern.

“Alright, Auntie Wang.”

Li Fan responded and left the village.

This mountain village was very isolated; usually, no one came here. Why had some cultivators suddenly appeared?

Thinking of cultivators, Li Fan immediately felt a sense of longing.

But all of that was irrelevant to his current situation.

Before long, Li Fan arrived outside Hongye Valley.

Perhaps due to geography, from a distance, Hongye Valley looked as if it was ablaze, with the foliage of the vegetation displaying fiery red leaves.

Li Fan was about to enter the valley when he suddenly noticed that there was a convoy ahead.

The group was dressed exceptionally well, all very splendid, and their mounts were tall, snowy-white steeds. Now, they were discussing something.

“Saintess, do you really wish to risk yourself? This place is a deathtrap! Even our forebear fell inside…”

A middle-aged man was looking at the young girl in the lead with concern.

The girl was wearing a pale green dress that accentuated her stunning figure, with an extremely beautiful face, a pert nose, sparkling eyes, and long lashes fluttering as she looked toward the valley ahead, taking a deep breath:

“There’s no other way, whether we can obtain what’s inside the valley is critical to the survival of our sect!”

“As the Saintess, it is my inescapable responsibility, Mu Qianning!”

“Besides, we are well-prepared this time, and there might be a glimmer of hope!”

“Ren Hong, if you are afraid, just wait for me outside.”

Hearing the resolute tone in Mu Qianning’s words, the middle-aged man puffed out his chest and said, “I am willing to follow the Saintess and give my life for the existence of the Lihuo Sect!”

Mu Qianning nodded in satisfaction and commanded, “Everyone dismount!”

Dozens of people dismounted and were about to enter the valley.

“Worthy of being a deathtrap, just by nearing it, my heart trembles with fear!”

Ren Hong’s complexion greatly changed, although he was a cultivator at the Initial Golden Core Stage.

Yet, his instincts told him that this place was dangerous, extremely dangerous!

Mu Qianning also took a deep breath and said, “Everyone put on your Protective Daoist Clothing, and after I use the Dao Patterns to break through this barrier, we will enter!”

She stepped forward, holding an ancient Array Plate that was cracked!


With a low shout from her, sand and stones began flying in front of them!

Ren Hong’s pupils shocked, he saw the chaotic auras of destruction, posing a terrifying threat that could annihilate a Golden Core…


He led the people, following Mu Qianning, and charged in!

Behind them, Li Fan saw this scene and was puzzled.

What are these people doing?

Making such a ruckus, and raising all that dust, it’s not eco-friendly at all!

No manners.

But he didn’t want to interfere and proceeded to enter the valley.




The Protective Daoist Clothing on Ren Hong and the others burst under the barrage of chaotic Dao auras.

They fell to the ground one after another in extreme agony.

Even Ren Hong, unable to endure any longer, slumped to the ground.

Mu Qianning took a few more steps forward, but at that moment, the Array Plate in her hand broke in two!

Assaulted by numerous Dao auras, her pale green dress with its rippling patterns protected her, but within three seconds, it was riddled with countless holes, exposing her fair skin!


A tear fell from Mu Qianning’s beautiful eyes!

This deathtrap was more terrifying than she imagined.

At the first barrier, they were utterly unable to pass!

And now, they were about to lose their lives here!

Were they going to die…

“Saintess, look!”

Just at that moment, Ren Hong suddenly exclaimed!

Mu Qianning looked in the direction he was pointing and saw not far away, amidst the highly chaotic Dao auras, a figure strolling as if on flat ground, with utmost ease!

Even the auras that could easily destroy someone at the Golden Core Realm seemed completely ineffective against him!

Mu Qianning’s eyes narrowed.

She had observed the weakest point of the Dao auras to attack through, and even she was in such disarray, but this person came through the most terrifying and chaotic place without a scratch?!

Seeing him as a savior, she urgently cried out:

“Senior, save us!”

Li Fan, who was about to bypass these people and enter the valley, stopped in his tracks.

He looked left and right.

He made sure that there was no one else around.

He couldn’t help being somewhat perplexed and said, “Miss, are you calling me?”


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