The King's Mandate: Anomalous System
The King's Mandate: Anomalous System

The King's Mandate: Anomalous System

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The King's Mandate: Anomalous System novel is a popular light novel covering Harem, Romance, Adventure, Action, Comedy, School Life genres. Written by the author NoWoRRyMaN. 454 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


[The old title ofthe novel was 'My (idiot) Girlfriend Recommended MeaVRGame, SoITried Playing It.]

Daas Ryle, aboy born inalineage ofRoyals. Hewas the only male heir and because ofthat, there have been many tries tokill him and his family.

Losing the girl heloved when hewas akid, heturned into apsycho. Hestarted toreplace joy and satisfaction inkilling and crushing his enemies.

His hate burned like hellfire. Having suffered hell inhis childhood, hebecame anemotionless boy who thought studying was his only way tolive.

«Whoever dares toharm myloved ones shall cease toexist»— This was his motto.

That was when hemet 'her,' the girl who changed his life. Heslowly started falling inlove withher. She was his Salvatore. Daas began changing, becoming anormal high school boy, atleast from the outside.

Then one day, his girlfriend asked him toplay aVRgame withher. Little did heknow that agreeing toplay the game would change his life, how itwould affect him inthe real world, and how his future would change. How hewill learn the dark secrets ofthe cruel world helives in.

Will heever replace out the truth about his system? How did heend upwith the system inthe first place? Can heever become the king heaspires tobe?

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