The Taming of the Ruffian Hero
The Taming of the Ruffian Hero

The Taming of the Ruffian Hero


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The Taming of the Ruffian Hero novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, School Life, Shounen Ai genres. Written by the author Yi Shi De Han, 一世的寒. 230 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Do you believe in destiny?

Zhao Yuan made a bet with the guys in his dorm. If he successfully made Chen Wanxin, the most attractive girl in their university, his girlfriend within 3 months, the guys would give him their No.23 jersey with Jordan’s personal signature on it.

Chen Wanxin found Lin Wenxi, a roommate of Zhao Yuan, somewhat attractive when she first met this elegant pretty boy in the university.

One night, when the students gathered and played games, Chen Wanxin asked Lin Wenxi to kiss her, but Lin Wenxi just left her on the spot alone in front of everyone and put her in an awkward situation. After that, when Zheng Kai asked Chen Wanxin to be his girlfriend, Chen Wanxin made a deal with him. “Help me bend Lin Wenxi. Make him fall for you and then dump him.”

Gradually, Chen Wanxin found herself falling in love with Zhao Yuan, but to her surprise, Zhao Yuan really seemed to have a thing for Lin Wenxi. She had no choice but to turn to Mo Qian, a mysterious and powerful man who had some connection with her family.

Because of the interference of Mo Qian, more and more dust-laden secrets were revealed.

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