Village Head's Debauchery
Chapter 1 Starting Anew

"Ah, damn it!" Orion cursed as he clutched his throbbing head in pain. "I'm not getting another FSD if it doesn't FSD by itself". He muttered quietly to himself, recalling the moment he fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into another car.

His hand had slipped off the steering wheel and he was unable to control the car while it was in self-driving mode. It was said that 'FSD was more advanced than autopilot' but Orion couldn't help but disagree.

'Now tell me why I have to pay 16,000 dollars just to watch and guide my car drive itself, instead of doing it by myself' He thought angrily.

Thankfully, he had survived the accident, but at the cost of his pricey Tetca. "What a shame" he shook his head defeatedly.

"Oh! Thank Naka! He's awake" A voice startled him.

'Huh! Who said that?' Orion thought, struggling to turn his head and open his eyes fully to take in his surroundings.

"Shh! He's waking up" Another voice whispered.

Orion stared in confusion at the scantily dressed women surrounding him.

'Don't tell me I'm the victim of some poorly scripted prank' He thought doubtfully. 'Well, if I am, I hope they have the money to pay up when I sue them for putting me here against my will.'.

"Hey, child! Are you okay?" A beautiful, curvaceous woman asked, causing Orion to sigh in defeat. 'I have to admit, the actresses are a feast for the eyes; he thought before a searing pain attacked his body, causing him to scream in agony.

His lower body was paralyzed, and any attempt to move resulted in a tide of spine-bending pain.

Suddenly, a hand pressed him down to the ground, holding him in place. Orion couldn't make out which woman was talking as his vision became hazy and the world spun around him, collapsing unconscious on the ground.


"Hahh!! Hahh!!" Orion sat upright in a swift motion and breathed out loudly. Soon, his mind cooled down, and the light in his eyes started getting more apparent.

"Where am I?" Orion asked as he looked around the clay moulded infrastructure around him.

"Ahhh!!" He instantly gripped his head tightly as a wave of mental fatigue struck him before it immediately subsided.

"Oh! You are awake" A clear feminine voice penetrated his ears.

Orion snapped his eyes towards the direction of the voice, only to meet with the figure of a voluptuous mature woman. She was as curvy as the women he had seen when he had first awakened.

"Where am I?" He asked. Suddenly, he felt that this wasn't a prank.

The woman sighed. "It seems that you lost your memories" She uttered. Her voice was laced with pity and disappointment. "I wished that I could have done more, but my gift can't bring back lost memories".

Orion looked at her in confusion. Suddenly, a brief thought passed through his mind, and he quickly removed the piece of cloth draped over his body away and looked at his legs.

''This isn't my legs nor my clothes' Oron thought. He raised his arms and looked at them before using his palm to feel his face and other areas of his body.

'This isn't my body' Another thought flashed through his mind. His breathing hitched as he soon discovered that he had died. However, the thought of being alive helped him to lowly stabilized his breathing and body.

As his gaze darted around the unfamiliar surroundings, Orion's mind raced with disbelief. "I've been transmigrated" He muttered to himself, swallowing hard. He had always thought that this kind of absurdity only happened in trendy fiction, but now he was living it.

'I have been transmigrated' The thought kept on ringing in his mind like a tower bell until he heard the woman's voice again.

"With your memory loss, it's okay for you to be confused" The woman explained. She walked over and sat down close to him on the cold hard ground.

She placed her hand on his forehead, and just when Orion was to about question her motives, a wave of bluish light hit his eyes and caused him to stare blankly as the woman removed her hand from his head and exhaled another sigh. Sᴇaʀch* Thᴇ ɴ0velFɪre.nᴇt website on Gøøglᴇ to access chapters of nøvels early and in the highest quality.

As expected, my gift doesn't work on something like this" She said.

Orion digested those words together with what he had just seen.

Truly, he is in another world!

'Although it seems a bit primitive' Orion thought as he scrutinized the woman in front of him.

She wore what seemed to be a tribal piece of loincloth tied around her waist, that left a huge slit from her upper thighs down to her knees where the cloth stopped and a light tube top midriff cloth that tightly hugged her body, displaying her large rounded mounds and nipples.

Orion gulped.

From his angle, he could see the woman's wide cleavage and the shape of her side boobs. Swiftly, he positioned his eyes in another direction in other not to seem rude.

"Don't worry, I have already sent someone to call your mother" The woman rubbed his cheek before she placed it on his forehead again "But what you did was a very dangerous thing, young man?" Suddenly her expression turned stern.

Orion gazed at her in alert and confusion.

"Don't give me that look. I am not going to let you off that easily even if you lost your memories" She snorted. Her eyes roamed around his figure before she continued "I wonder what you were thinking by walking to the other side of the river. You should know that the other side is prohibited".

Even though Orion couldn't understand what her words meant, he was still smart to pick up some clues.

'Although it would have been nice if I had the memories of this body's previous owner. But, I am not in a position to choose, so this will still do" He sighed, inwardly.

"Mis…." Orion opened his mouth to speak, however, a finger was immediately pressed against his lips.

"You will be okay in a few hours, so don't stress yourself by talking till then" She got up from the floor, turned around and left towards the direction of a door.

As she walked away, Orion stared at her ass. Another saliva went down his throat.

The fabric tied around the woman's waist was inserted deeply in between her ass crack. Each footstep sent the ass jiggingly with unnatural momentum, yet the piece of cloth separated them like two different sensual pieces of art.

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